Magnus Carlsen and the Cheating Statement

Magnus Carlsen and the Cheating Statement Cheat-aimbot Cheating Statement.Apparently, Magnus Carlsen is not alone. The chess world is filled with cheating, from aforementioned chess tycoons to the bozos who take their matches on the road.

Although, there are no official rules, players must avoid playing on more than one account and letting the engines do the heavy lifting. Aside from that, there are a host of staff who help protect the Cheating Statement community at large. This includes the three grandmasters and six full-time analysts mentioned above. Hopefully, a few more are added to the mix in the coming months. cheating statement

The most exciting part of all is that Carlsen was not a victim of the cheating and may actually have a chance of winning the tournament. Although, there are several reasons why he may not be the top dog this time around. The biggest drawback is that he is a relative novice compared to his predecessors.

Magnus Carlsen and the Cheating Statement Cheat-aimbot

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As for the cheating incident itself, a three person panel from Fide will be convened to investigate the claims. For now, a lot of players are probably wondering what the heck happened to their games. The best guess is that the two players may have had some sort of arrangement. As a result, the competition for the throne may be quite stiff.

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In the end, the best bet is to stick with the more experienced players and hope for the best. While it is not always a good thing, playing the game of chess is an honorable endeavor.

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Magnus Carlsen and the

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